Projects and products gallery

This page presents a small part of the projects and products that we have developed at the Gizmo-Maker engineering firm in recent years. Gizmo-Maker has led over 400 projects of various sizes. Some of these projects were carried out for our clients and some as internal projects out of ideas raised in the office. A number of products from the projects presented have had marketing success and have even become successful companies in their own right. In Guizmo we believe that our involvement in so many different projects gives us valuable knowledge and experience. Over the years we have seen more successful and less successful projects, accompanied the process many times and learned how to turn ideas into successful products. Our vast number of projects and extensive experience enables us to learn from a wide angle the decisions that usually lead to commercial success, and this professional knowledge guides us in every new project and enables us to develop and promote successful products in a consistent manner.

TRX Fitness Training Vacuum Anchor - Garbo

Garbo is a patent that grew within the Gizmo Engineering Office, the product of Nimrod and Oleg's development. Garbo is intended to serve as a vacuum handle for stone and glass industry workers, but a new use of the device has recently been found. In this case the sock serves …