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We combine advanced engineering with business vision and experience in marketing and sales.

Engineering development from concept to product

Full professional engineering service - development and modeling, industrial design, prototypes and production series

Our expertise

How it works?

Meeting with an engineer

The process of developing the project at Gizmo is already beginning at the meeting of senior engineers.
The process of thinking and planning of the product development process, examining feasibility and presenting possible ideas for development. And finally the meeting, our customers, get the overall picture of their product development stages.

Concept development

In the process of developing the concept, we focus on several important aspects: understanding the user's needs and planning of the best user experiences when using the product, understanding of market demands, thinking about technologies cost-effective and cost-effective manufacturing.

Design, design and modeling

At the end of the conceptual research and development process we begin engineering design of the product - In collaboration Operation with engineers from different fields, product design, and production portfolio preparation and prototype model illustrating the The concept Of the project in a practical way.

Our Customers

Gizmo Engineering

Many entrepreneurs who come to us with an idea, go out after the development process with a successful product. "Product development process" is a comprehensive name for the road consisting of various stages, including formulation of the idea, patent search, product portfolio preparation, prototyping, fundraising and product development. Every idea has its own unique characteristics and goes through a way that suits its needs, and we are happy to accompany entrepreneurs and companies and be part of the same way. Here you can learn more about some of the success stories of entrepreneurs and companies with whom we have worked, and that the process we have been through has spawned leading and groundbreaking products.

"I would like to thank the whole team, Oleg, German, Paul and Benny for the dedicated and excellent work that they carried out in implementing our project, and in my first meeting with Oleg he expressed his vision of what the product would look like. First printed ... "

קרא עוד

Annual Event "Gizmo Maker Conference"

Gizmo Engineering

Patents and inventors of Gizmo

The Gizmo Conference is a meeting point for hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors.

The conference was held in an open format ("non-conference") and is intended for every entrepreneur and inventor at every stage, whether it is an idea alone in a company that sells finished products.
The conference allows exposure to creativity, innovation and originality on the part of entrepreneurs, inventors and investors, as well as to win the partnership.
In the framework of the conference you can view projects, participate in discussion groups and participate in a series of professional meetings.

Participation in the conference is free and invitation only.

קרא עוד

Office services

  1. Engineering development by mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and specialized industrial designers
  2. Construction of prototype workers, production of first series, preparation for production and accompaniment of mass production
  3. Cooperation with entrepreneurs, assistance in raising funding and supporting various stages if necessary
  4. Accompanying the work with patent attorneys, drafting relevant technical material for the patent and producing drawings if necessary
  5. Research and development of new technologies and testing of the feasibility of complex products, medical products and military products

Three-dimensional printing and in-house modeling

Gizmo owns three-dimensional printing machines for quick sampling of prototypes and models, and uses the latest technology to bring added value to the development process and significantly shorten product development times from concept to final product ready for production. Our northern branch is equipped with a working room for modeling and fast sampling.

Unlike other companies in the market, we have manufacturing capabilities that save unnecessary costs to developers due to the operation of subcontractors in the production field. To read more about 3D printing, you can visit our new website:

extra services

We will be happy to serve you in the following areas:

  • Engineering development and patent development from the initial concept stage to the completion of a prototype production and construction portfolio
  • Referral to external bodies specializing in the search for patents in international databases
  • Preparation of drawings for patent registration
  • Building prototypes and models for inventions
  • Characterization and development of consumer products, plastics and mechanical products
  • Design of plastic molds
  • Design and simulation of thermodynamics and flow
  • Industrial design
  • Design and construction of a prototype for a new product, design of mechanisms, mechanical systems and more

Computerized design

In our offices, computerized design works are performed in solidworks software, animation and computerized engineering modeling. The design of the products in 3D enables us to perform engineering analyzes and to present the product in 3D in the various stages of development even before the construction of the first prototype. Computer modeling is used to present patents and inventions to investors and to examine all components of the new product before building an initial prototype.

Computerized design enables us, among other things, to calculate the weight, volume and mechanical properties of each component during development, and to present the project progress to the entrepreneur.

Computer simulation and design

The 3D development and simulation services include, inter alia, initial industrial design by experienced designers, the presentation of the patents clearly by a short video or pictures and editing of an image film or short clips to present a particular concept.

Drawings according to standard

The product portfolio we provide to the entrepreneur, including engineering drawings according to the standard, suitable for the production of the product or the patent in mass production.

The company has a full-time drafting engineer who performs patent drawings in addition to the production drawings according to the appropriate production standard.

Engineering development work on patents at Gizmo Engineering is done using advanced CAD software. After the patent is modeled on the computer, prototype and preliminary production series are produced for product inspection and quality control, and if necessary, changes and updates are added to the drawings in the product portfolio at no additional cost.

Service Statement

Gizmo is committed to finding the most creative and elegant engineering solutions that enable optimal application of patents and products according to market demands.

We are a small group of highly motivated and enthusiastic engineers for the development of inventions and patents. We treat each project as if it were our own start-up and fill with real pride every time a project we worked on came to fruition.

In light of this, we are pleased to meet with no commitment whatsoever with any entrepreneur and try to provide help and support as much as we can.

Collaboration options

Our areas of interest include:

  • Patents in the field of medicine, medical equipment, electronic medical equipment or mechanical and various medical products
  • Patents and inventions related to production, industrial, packaging and industrial automation systems
  • Patents on household products, kitchenware, tools and games and consumer goods
  • Products and patents in the world of transportation and vehicles
  • Patents related to defense industries, patents on protection, saving lives, emergency situations and search and rescue
  • Patents related to agriculture, irrigation, pest control and the like
  • Inventions or patents on green energy, renewable energy, water saving or energy and water or energy production
  • Any unique technology protected by a registered patent or trademark

If you have an idea or a patent that matches one of these areas of interest, we invite you to contact us and explore possibilities for cooperation in financing, developing and promoting the project.

About the Patent Portal

The site "" is the patent portal of Gizmo Engineering LTD

The site offers a variety of engineering services, patent development services and promotion of inventions for private entrepreneurs and technology companies. The patent portal is operated by the company's team, and is assisted by experts in their field, veteran entrepreneurs, investors, patent attorneys, engineers and business consultants .The site contains hundreds of links, professional articles, informative videos and unique tools for entrepreneurs and inventors.

In the various categories you will find material on: Patent Development, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Promotion of Inventions, Building Prototypes and Engineering Development of Products and Patents.

You are welcome to browse the various links, watch the videos or contact us for a free initial consultation.

At we work in partnership with several companies and development professionals. The site operator provides engineering, development, prototyping and product manufacturing services, but we are happy to help and with no cost or commitment in any field related to the development of new ventures. The portal was built in order to concentrate for the community of entrepreneurs the best professional knowledge, links and referrals, which may contribute to the process of development and promotion of the enterprise.

On site you will find many professional services, some are available on-line and some are available in a meeting with one of our representatives by telephone. The various services are provided by representatives of the company or our partners throughout the country.

Using the contact form at the top of the page, you can choose the subject of the call, and the appropriate contact person will contact you as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the company is an engineering and development company, and does not advise on patent or patent search. All the articles and content on these subjects are written based on our personal experience with the market and with the internal products of the company we have registered in the past. We generally recommend that our clients consult a patent attorney with an experienced patent attorney.

The team "" are proud to serve the Israeli entrepreneur community and provide support and support for interesting projects in their early stages.

For more information, please contact us.