About the patent development company Gizmo Maker


Oleg Zukov, CEO :

A veteran engineer with more than 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering, mechanical systems design, plastic design and more. Oleg was a founding partner in a number of companies that dealt with advertising products and mechanical products, security products and more.

Oleg Zukov


German Zukov, Project Manager :

Materials engineer, senior physicist, Technion, project manager at Gizmomaker.

German Zukov

Project Manager

Eagle Huang

Electorics Engineer

Eagle Huang,Electorics Engineer :

Paul Zim

Mechanical Engineer

Paul Zim,Mechanical Engineer :

Mechanical Engineer Graduate of the Technion in the field of energy systems. He has experience in designing energy systems, feasibility proofs and advanced simulations. Paul is responsible for areas such as design of mechanical systems, plastics, preparation for production, and more.

Coffee Guo

Production and Marketing Manager

Coffee Guo,Production and Marketing Manager :

Industrial designer, responsible for the production line of the company's products at the company's factory in China.

Marina Novak

Industrial Designer

Marina Novak,Industrial Designer :

An experienced industrial designer, responsible for plastics and product design at Gismommaker. Is involved in the development of dozens of different products within the company, and it brings the company rich experience in the combination between the world of functional engineering and the world of subjective design. Industrial design at Gismomicer coincides with the engineering development of the product and market research.

Chaplin Benny

Business Development Manager

Chaplin Benny,Business Development Manager :

He is a graduate of Naval Naval Officers, a graduate of the Business and Science Administration. He managed projects and business ventures

Ilana Kalman

Content Editor

Ilana Kalman,Content Editor :

She is a senior content editor with experience in writing and editing.

In-house equipment and capabilities:

We run an internal manufacturing workshop that enables us to produce prototypes and models for our customers in a fast and relatively cheap way. In addition to the company has another office in China fully owned and our ongoing management. At our offices in China we manage production projects, locating suppliers and assembly work for our products and our customers' products.

The shoemaker does not go barefoot:

Parallel to the company's projects, the company's founders own a number of their own patents on various products. The company has a number of subsidiaries and internal projects that over the years have become separate and successful companies in their own right.