Engineering development from idea to product

Professional engineering services - development and modeling, industrial design, prototypes and production

  • Engineering development by mechanical engineers, electronics engineers and expert industrial designers.
  • Construction of working prototypes, production of first series, preparation for production and accompaniment of mass production.
  • Collaborations with entrepreneurs, assistance in raising funding and support at various stages if necessary.
  • Accompanying work with patent attorneys, drafting relevant technical material for patents and producing drawings if necessary.
  • Research and development of new technologies and feasibility study for complex products, medical products and military products.

3D printing and in-house model production

We operate 3D printing machines for rapid sampling of prototypes and models, and use the latest technology to add value to the development process and significantly shorten product development times, from concept stage to final product ready for production. Our northern branch is equipped with a workroom for building models and performing rapid sampling work.

Addtional Services

We will be happy to be at your service in the following areas:

  • Engineering development and patent development from the initial concept stage to the completion of a production portfolio and construction of a prototype.
  • Turning to investors (no cost and no return, your success is our success!)
  • Preparation of drawings for patent registration.
  • Construction of prototypes and models for inventions.
  • Characterization and development of consumer products, plastics and mechanical products.
  • Design plastic molds and prepare a product bag for the factory before mass production.
  • Packaging design and thermal and flow simulations.
  • Designing and building a prototype for a new product, designing mechanisms, mechanical systems and more.

Computerized design

Our offices perform computerized design work in solidworks animation software and computerized engineering modeling. The design of the products in 3D allows us to perform engineering analyzes and present the product in 3D at the various stages of development even before the construction of the first prototype. Computerized modeling is used to present patents and inventions to investors and examine all components of the new product before building an initial prototype.

Computerized design allows us, among other things, to calculate the weight, volume and mechanical properties of each component while still in development, and to present to the developer the progress of the project.

Computerized imaging and design

3D development and imaging services include, among other things, initial industrial design by experienced designers, the presentation of patents clearly by a short video or images and the editing of a promotional film or short videos to present a particular concept.

Drawings according to standard

The product portfolio that we provide to the entrepreneur, including engineering drawings according to a standard, suitable for the production of the product or the patent in mass production.

The company employs a full-time draftsman, who performs patent drawings in addition to the production drawings according to a standard suitable for production.

Engineering development work on patents in the company is done using advanced TBM software. After modeling the patent on the computer, initial prototypes and initial production series are produced for the purpose of product inspection and quality control, and if necessary, changes and updates are added to the drawings in the product portfolio at no additional cost.

Service Statement

We are committed to finding the most creative and elegant engineering solutions, enabling the optimal application of patents and products according to market requirements.

We are a small group of engineers imbued with motivation and enthusiasm for the development of inventions and patents. We treat each project as if it were our private start-up and are filled with real pride every time a project we worked on came to fruition.

In light of this, we are happy to meet without any commitment with any entrepreneur wherever he is and try to provide as much help and support as we can.

Collaboration Options

Our areas of interest and specialization include:

  • Patents in the field of medicine, medical equipment, electronic or mechanical medical equipment and various medical products.
  • Patents and inventions related to manufacturing systems, industry, packaging and industrial automation.
  • Patents on household products, kitchen utensils, tools, games and consumer goods.
  • Car products and patents in the world of transportation and vehicles.
  • Patents related to defense industries, patents on protection, saving lives, emergencies and search and rescue.
  • Patents related to agriculture, irrigation, pest control and development of agricultural equipment.
  • Inventions or patents relating to green energy, renewable energy, saving water or energy and producing water or energy.
  • Each unique technology and each initial idea that may become a successful product.

If you have an idea or patent that matches one of these areas of interest or similar areas, we invite you to contact us, and explore options for collaboration on financing, developing and promoting the project.