Success stories that grew in Gizmo Maker

We are very pleased to be part of our clients' success stories. Here are some examples of the project's successes that have undergone engineering development at Gizmo Maker:


The development process for a simple and ingenious product led to the raising of $ 2,500,000 on a mass recruitment site and a revolution in the world of car safety chairs for children. This is due to the correct identification of a problem in the similar product market, providing a solution while understanding the true needs of the potential customer, proper engineering design, heart-shaping design, correct pre-campaign planning and management and mass advertising.

Anyone with children knows the problem of their transportation in a vehicle: children from the age of 2 to at least 8 need a suitable safety seat in a vehicle whose function is to raise the child to a seat belt so that they can wear the belt in a convenient and safe manner. But these seats are large, cumbersome, heavy and uncomfortable. It is difficult to put a few seats on one vehicle, especially if it is small, and it is even more difficult to move the seats from car to vehicle.

The entrepreneur behind the mifold project identified this problem and decided to "reverse the direction," and instead of trying to raise the child to the height of a seat belt using large seats, lower the belt to the height of the child. So the idea was born for a miniature mifold safety chair, so compact that it could fit into a glove compartment.


An air filter for air conditioners developed for the Green Company in the City of Protection Industries. The product was developed according to the requirements of the Israeli standard and passed a series of compatibility tests in various laboratories and at the Standards Institute.

The project began with the idea of ​​creating a compact air filter that integrates an automatic pump and a manual pump into a single product. The product underwent a series of development and modeling stages by Gizmo in cooperation with the entrepreneur Gizmo was also a full partner in initiating the manufacturing process in China, laboratory tests at the Standards Institution and obtaining permits and suitable standards for marketing the system.

The project is an amazing example of a proper development process that led to one of the most significant "exits" in recent years: Green Company in the city was acquired by Tadiran in 2015, and is now the Moran air filtration system is one of the most common and successful systems in the world.

Silicon Knitting Bag- From an idea to a product that has already been sold around the world


This charming product, developed and developed by Gizmo Maker, is a unique knitting bag made of silicone designed to store knitting tools and products, as well as to support the knitting process itself.
The entrepreneur behind the project, Astrid Lazadas, owner and manager of an online knitting products store, went to the product development process after looking closely at the behavior of her target audience, which enabled her to identify their difficulties, which did not meet their needs and accurately define the characteristics of The new product.
She did not seek to invent the wheel, on the contrary, she sought to identify the need and give him a response that will fit perfectly into the daily activities of its clientele.

Prior to the jump to the water and the beginning of the development process, she conducted a market research to identify similar products that exist. The research enabled it to make the product requirements more precise, as well as the design character of the product. At the end of the development process, the product waited for an infrastructure ready for marketing and sale at the entrepreneur's online store.

We are very pleased with the success of this project, and we wish a lot of success for the product and the initiative in the future!


The Passer product is another example of success stories of the products that have been developed by Gizmo Maker . It's a simple product - but a genius, the kind of product someone who sees it, says to himself: "How did not I think about it myself?"

The idea for this product is part of the Livne Nissim initiative, intended to help upgrade the experience of floor washing. We all know the dilemma that arises when we have to shovel the dirty water over the sliding door railings leading to the balcony. Passer's goal is to solve this problem by placing it in the doorway of the balcony, above the tracks, in order to pass through the dirty water, without wetting and dirtying the tracks.

One of the factors behind the success of the product was the entrepreneur's absolute commitment to the development, production and marketing process. The entrepreneur proceeded with pre-determined steps, while adhering to the development and marketing strategy of the product she had planned in advance.

Today, Passer is sold worldwide, and from the beginning of the marketing system to the present, more than 15,000 units of the product have been sold, and the infrastructure for selling the product is based on its marketing via the Internet.


Nemo Power Tools is a company that manufactures a variety of unique electric tools that are resistant to water and extreme environmental conditions. The company's flagship product is the NEMO drill, which is sold in 20 different countries around the world.

The company began as an internal project of engineers in its development. As part of the project, a variety of water resistant tools were developed for use by maintenance personnel, swimming pool facilities, builders and companies in the field of seamanship and sound.

Currently the company owns an assembly plant in China employing more than 20 employees, and the company's products are sold worldwide.

The company has undergone two successful rounds of recruitment and is now focusing on growth and penetration into new markets, developing additional unique tools and constantly improving the quality of the products and the distribution pipeline.

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