Experiences of Customers Working with Advanced Tech Machining

Experiences of Customers Working with Advanced Tech Machining

Advanced Tech Machining has been providing expert machining services to customers in and around Fremont, Northern California, for over 30 years. Our experienced machiners, programmers, and engineers have been able to craft metal and plastic machine parts for some of the most demanding industries, such as aerospace, medical, automotive, and Semiconductor within very short turnaround times and at competitive prices.

Advanced Tech Machining's quality control system ensures total customer satisfaction and full adherence to the customer's standards. Our machinists use the latest state-of-the-art CNC machining centers available in the market to deliver precise results with the shortest lead times. Our experienced engineers and technicians strive to create innovative solutions for customers who require out of the ordinary specs for their parts.

Customers’ experinces working with Advanced Tech Machining are always positive aswe have a team of experts who understand the customer's needs and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they’re satisfied. From small prototyping jobs to high quantity production runs, Advanced Tech Machining has the knowledge and expertise to fulfill our customers’ requirements. We communicate with our customers throughout the process, so they always have full access to the progress of their part production.

Advanced Tech Machining places a high priority on environmental regulation, health and safety. We take great pride in perfecting our processes to ensure the best results while operating within the limits of our environmental responsibilities. All the machines we use are regularly checked and inspected for any issues, and all the operators and employees of Advanced Tech Machining receive regular safety training.

It is not just the quality of our product that has made customers loyal but also the dedication to delivering customized services even for the most challenging requirements. Customers appreciate that Advanced Tech Machining works around the clock to meet their deadlines and insists on quality at every step of production. With decades of experience, we have mastered the art of precision machining and we are sure that our customers can confidently trust us with all their machining needs.