Gizmo-Makers Conference, Israel's Annual Inventors Conference

Non-conference for the community of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs

The event held by Geizmo Engineering is a meeting point for hundreds of emulators, entrepreneurs and investors.

The conference was held in an open format ("non-conference") and is intended for every entrepreneur and inventor at every stage, whether it is an idea or a company that sells finished products.

The conference allows exposure to creativity, innovation and originality on the part of entrepreneurs, inventors and investors, as well as to win new partnerships.

In the framework of the conference you can view project presentations, participate in discussion groups and participate in a series of professional meetings.

The last event occurred on February 1, 2019, on the campus workers in Shfayim.With 200 participants present.Want to be the first to hear about the next meeting?Subscribe to our newsletter

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Impressions from the last event "Un-conference Gizmo Maker 2016"

As part of the Gizmo Conference this year, we have met nearly 300 entrepreneurs, inventors, manufacturers and investors involved in the development of new products. We were exposed to creative projects, the use of unconventional technologies, ideas for products with tremendous marketing potential. We created new collaborations and received a "shot of inspiration" straight from the creative minds we met.

Impressions from the "Gizmo Maker 2015" event

On May 1 we held the "Guizmo 2015" conference. The conference was attended by Minister Yair Seroussi - Bank Hapoalim chairman, Matthew Gould - British consul and Israel, and high-tech investor Yossi Vardi and 270 entrepreneurs, inventors and investors.

It was amazing the amount of innovation, originality, initiative and action

For us at Gizmo Engineering, this was an excellent opportunity to meet many dozens of our customers in the past and present. We were happy and we were shocked to see how a large number of projects which accompanied the concept stage, companies have become successful over time. We have been exposed to a fascinating combination of "makers," inventors, industrialists and investors, and we hope that this unique synergy has also contributed to you.

There is no doubt that a concentrated event of this sort was called for and brought to a critical mass of creativity and rare possibilities for sharing knowledge, experience and fascinating ideas. We want to personally thank Mr. Yossi Vardi to support the event, and to the Ministry of Agriculture and the chief scientist on the participation and assistance to entrepreneurs.

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