East Bay Machine & Sheet Metal Services & Capabilities

East Bay Machine and Sheet Metal is a leading provider of industrial precision component manufacturing, offering specialized machining and welding capabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 1971, East Bay Machine and Sheet Metal has developed an extensive network of trusted customers looking for custom industrial solutions that require an appreciation for quality, accuracy and reliability. From custom manufacturing to complete installation and maintenance, East Bay Machine and Sheet Metal is dedicated to providing high-quality services and solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

At East Bay Machine and Sheet Metal, we offer a broad range of services and capabilities, including stainless steel machining, precision laser cutting and welding, as well as mechanical and electrical assembly. We employ advanced technologies and CAD/CAM software to carry out complex projects and complex engineering designs with precision and accuracy. Our CNC mills, lathes, EDM machines, and laser cutters operate with state-of-the-art programming and machining software to meet the highest quality standards.

East Bay Machine and Sheet Metal is committed to providing our customers with exceptional services and reliable solutions. We offer full-service fabrication and machining with a complete range of tooling, fixtures and materials. Our experienced staff of engineers and certified welders are knowledgeable and skilled at producing parts and assemblies that meet your exact specifications. Our wide range of capabilities includes custom components and assemblies for a variety of industries, including industrial machinery, medical equipment, and consumer electronics.

East Bay Machine and Sheet Metal is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality components and assemblies that are cost-effective and meet the exacting standards of the most demanding projects. Our experienced staff are committed to delivering innovation and improvements to our customers through the use of advanced technologies and processes. We specialize in solving our customers' most challenging industrial problems and providing superior customer service.

At East Bay Machine and Sheet Metal, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. Our experienced staff utilizes cutting-edge technologies and processes to produce products that exceed our customer's expectations. Our commitment to quality, accuracy, and reliability make us the preferred source of industrial precision component manufacturing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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