Nimo (nimrod) Rotem - private angel investor

Nimrod Rotem is an entrepreneur and investor, among the owners of the GizmoMaker website and CEO of Nemo Power Tools.

Nimrod currently lives in Hong Kong but is still active as an investor in hardware companies (companies with a physical product, as opposed to software and app startups).

Among other things, Nimrod invested in the first investment round of the companies:

  • Gizmo Engineering Ltd. (Engineering Office)
  • Flytrex - Drone delivery company. (Flytrex)
  • Netlify technology for building modern websites. A company with a valuation of about $800m.
  • Bottomless (IOT) coffee delivery company
  • Stackbit - a technology infrastructure company for building modern websites
  • Lifewand- Manufacturer of anti chocking device to prevent airway obstructions.

Nimrod usually invests in the first rounds (Seed and pre see rounds), after proving the feasibility of the product.

Typical investments are $ 50K to $ 150K