List of Israeli Investors Angels and Funds

List of Ingeles: A central list of Israeli investors.

One of the significant milestones of many startups is the initial capital raising in the “lime” stage.
Despite the high availability of venture capital and investors in Israel, many good entrepreneurs still find it difficult to find the right primary investor and approach them in a relevant and correct way for potential investors.
Most entrepreneurs rely on personal relationships, friends and fortune to find the right investor for them. To be sure, this is an ideal situation to say the least, which puts a barrier on quality entrepreneurs who excel in enterprise and company building, but not necessarily in the right relationships.

Towards the end of 2014, investor Aden Shochat decided to solve this accessibility problem, thereby contributing to the Israeli startup community and improving the quality of the companies and streamlining the process for entrepreneurs early on. Adan is an investor himself, one of the well-known venture capitalists in Israel and a founding partner in the Aleph venture capital fund In an unusual move, Aden decided to publish a complete list of angels containing details about many Israeli investors, past types of investments, interests, investment height, requirements and even contact details.
The list was published in an editable version and contributed by knowledge from the community, quickly becoming a key and very effective source of information for entrepreneurs at the lime stage.

More information about the important project from an article in "Geek Time"

We at GizmoMaker have decided to take another step and translate the details of the list into Hebrew, and make it available to other entrepreneurs who are not part of the startup community.
The list published on the GizmoMaker website is built and updated based on the original list.
Gizmo-Micro does not have any affiliate or business sharing of any kind with investors listed on the Ingel List.

Rules for using the list:
The list of Israeli investors is an important and central source of information for many entrepreneurs. Before using the information presented here, we would like to highlight a number of rules of thumb that will help you achieve better results and contribute to the entire entrepreneurial community in Israel.

1- The last thing you want to do is send a mass email to the entire list or many investors together. This will count as spam, your email address will be blocked and most likely will tarnish your name with many investors.

2- Do research about the specific person you want to contact. Check if your company is in the area of interest and read about other investments the investor has made in the past.

3- Check if you have any mutual acquaintances who can make the initial connection. People prefer to start business partnerships with people they know and your chance of getting the first date and reaching a deal will be much greater if a familiar person makes the acquaintance.

4- Respect the person's time you are addressing. A reference should be focused and contain the most relevant details. It is not recommended to send hundreds of pages of business plans and stories of scroll length. On the other hand, "baiting" methods and exposing too little detail will not work. Try to provide all the relevant details briefly and explain exactly what you are looking for and why you contacted the specific person you decided to contact.