List and information about reporters who review technology developments

Gizmo Engineering has compiled for you a list of technology reporters who cover different areas of technology in different communication channels.

List of technological reporters

The Tech Journalists deal with his extensive coverage of the technology world, with its various aspects: innovative technological developments, the technology business world (marketing, new companies, business integration, etc.), technology and culture connections, legal matters (e.g. intellectual property) ) And more.

Advertising in traditional media such as television and the press is still sustainable - but there is a trend for more and more companies to choose to publish and upload content online on the Internet, in order to reach the widest possible publicity and, in the process, upload content that fits the online channel they have decided to post: Content through Facebook posts, blogs, videos and podcasts.

Technological journalism coverage requires more thoughtful writing by reporters in this field regarding their target audience, readers. That is, reporters should pay close attention to how the information they publish is passed on to readers.

How to use the list correctly?

The list of technological writings that we have compiled for you - can benefit from the marketing aspect if your unique development goes through the appropriate communication channel.

In general, most technology reporters deal with startups, communications, high-tech, apps, medical devices and more.

At the same time, to go through a fundamental level on the list, see reporters' content, how they write, what topics they focus on most, how many talkbacks (positive and negative) they get, find out about the reporters themselves, whether they have technological knowledge that can help Advertising your development optimally?

In any case, you are welcome to use the list below so you can reach a reporter who will best review and promote the products and technology you are developing.

You are also more than welcome to contact us and get initial advice at no cost or commitment and coordinate a meeting of intent and together we can create a common way in which we will accompany you in developing your projects; From start to success!