List and information about Israeli and international accelerator companies

Gizmo Engineering introduces you to the list of accelerators, organizations engaged in accelerating the growth and rapid development of start-up companies (Seed, Pre-Seed), within a predefined period.

Accelerators List

The accelerators, as mentioned above, are organizations that assist in the rapid growth and development of start-ups that are at the beginning of the period, in a time-bound period. Like the business incubators organizations, Accelerators also offer companies at the outset their production spaces, media, training and guidance on various topics (marketing, finding potential investors, seeking strategic partners, etc.). At the same time, unlike the business incubators, the accelerators run dedicated programs for start-ups that are in the early stages, as opposed to the business incubators. In addition, because of the large number of accelerator organizations, there is increasing competition among the various accelerators, which can make it more difficult for startups who are not the most difficult to be new companies - to find the relevant accelerator to suit them. Another difference is that a business incubator will not necessarily set time periods for the designated programs it operates.

How to use the list?

Finding a specific accelerator, from the list of accelerators shown here for you - can help you grow quickly and create a strong business base for your new company.

It is worthwhile to carefully examine the list of accelerators in each and every parameter, starting with, of course, the areas to which each explorer is associated. There are accelerators who ask for certain percentages of company profits and some do not. It may be that accelerators who moderate their plan by a certain percentage will be relevant to you - both at the time they offer in their program and at the level of equipment and knowledge they can provide for your business. Attached to the list are the URLs of the various accelerators, invest as long as you need, provided that you do not find yourself choosing an accelerator that is irrelevant to you.

As unique as your development ideas may be, we are aware of this and understand that entrepreneurs and companies at the outset will have a desire to ask and know more and we are exactly there; Here, for you - to provide this much needed answer.

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