List and information about incubator companies

Gizmo Engineering has prepared and uploaded for you a list of business incubators, which are a hotbed of growth and development, especially of startups that are in various stages of development.

List of startups incubators

Business incubators are organizations that run dedicated programs aimed at supporting the growth of entrepreneurial companies and start-ups through the provision of support in various aspects: providing physical spaces that companies can use, mentors with specific knowledge in the field in which companies engage, seeking investors In the business, targeting and marketing consulting and more.

In most cases, different start-ups that use business incubators - do this for a period of about two years and during this period, share the resources they receive under incubator programs with other startups to share the operating costs required for incubator support. .

Different business incubator organizations are involved in different fields - so it is important that you turn to one or another incubator according to the field in which your development is concerned.

As mentioned above, the business incubators also address more established companies that are in more advanced stages of development, with the aim of enjoying the benefits offered to them by the incubator programs.

Effective use of the startup incubator list

From the list of incubators for startups we have uploaded for you - you can benefit significantly both as companies that are getting started and, as such, more established ones.

The list that shows you the business incubators relates to the areas they deal with, the duration of their program, the level of their investment, the percentage allocation for the investment and their location. When you intend to choose one of the suggested incubators, consider carefully what level of investment you really need, what are the areas for which the incubator offers its plan, go through the incubator sites themselves, read them thoroughly. In the end, ask yourself whether, depending on your high level of investment, are you worth sharing a significant percentage with the incubator of your company's shares?

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