Annual Event - Island Conference, Gizmo Maker

Each year, Gizmo Micro conducts a unique and fascinating "non-conference" conference, which deals with issues of inventions, patents and development. The event, which has become annual and permanent, attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs, inventors, developers, investors and more, who come to the conference to learn and develop in their field, and to give others their knowledge and experience.

What is "Conference Island"?

Non-conference is a gathering of people who deal with a particular central issue, but do not have a well-defined and organized program, as is the case with regular conferences. At a conference, it is the participants themselves who determine the plan. A board at the venue allows anyone who wants it to reserve a room for a lecture or discussion at a particular hour, and manage the law and the program at will. People interested in the topic of the discussion or lecture will come to the relevant room at the appointed time. This is how a professional and enriching conference is created, when everyone has the opportunity to contribute from their knowledge, to enrich others - and at the same time, to learn for themselves.

Failure of Gizmo Maker Conference

The Gizmo Maker Company's annual conference island, of course, deals with inventions, product development and entrepreneurship. Every year, hundreds of participants from the field come to the conference, creating an atmosphere of creativity, renewal and initiative. The Gizmo Maker Conference is a particularly exciting opportunity for an instant meeting between investors, inventors, entrepreneurs, makers and the like, and is a fertile ground for a variety of professional and profitable collaborations.

Gizmo Micros Conference Island invites people involved in the development of innovative products, bringing with them prototypes of new products, existing projects, or those in development, and so on, to introduce them to the closed-door audience of the conference, explain their activities, and of course, And create fruitful and effective collaborations that will jeopardize the business activities of each and every one of the participants. The unique combination of all the different professionals in this creative field makes a contribution and support for everyone.

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