Patent Search or prior art search


About a Patent Search (prior art search).

After countless nights perfecting all of the fine details of your invention, or even just stewing over your yet-unrealized idea, you’re ready to take action. Although you’ve likely come up with your amazing invention on your own, the patent process is usually best left up to a professional, especially when it comes to patent searches.


A patent search, also known as a prior art search, uses the details of your invention and matches them to items with existing patents. This crucial step will let you know if your invention or idea is new, information that is essential to legally pursing your idea. While it may be sad to realize someone else has already come up with the same thing, having an IP search done before you request a patent can save you a significant amount of time and money, as well as give you an understanding of the other patented products that are already available.


Utilizing a professional company to do your prior art search for you gives you access to a group of professionals with a vast array of knowledge, experience and legal expertise. In addition to these benefits, an IP search company will provide you with a detailed report concerning your invention, and if your idea is new, the company will also be able to help you develop your prototypes, CAD files and patent application.


This hands-on and complete service will make turning your idea into a fully-realized invention without the worry of dealing with the often complicated and time-consuming patent process. 

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